Tip for improving your engagement in any Social Media- Make a radical change.REACH the UNREACHED.The first to reach has always been the one to enjoy the results, the best.You’ll find out who are the unreached when I explain how to reach them. Follow me till the end. 🎈 Hashtags- following camel case or pascal case.… Continue reading Accessibility


Did our ancestors knew programming?No questions about their vast knowledge in Math, Physics, chemistry, biology etc.. How about programming?Answer is Yes!!! They created several programs to achieve definite outputs, with very specific actions and inputs for each action with levels of consistency and timing.We call them HABITS. Don’t enslave your mind to habits but learn… Continue reading Habits


A chance to teach or mentor is a lifetime opportunity. We may not reap as we sow nor reap the befitting results we expected. We still have the responsibility to sow the good seed. You teach the machines fake and wrong stuff, as predicted machines may eventually find out what’s right. But you lost a… Continue reading Mentoring