Tip for improving your engagement in any Social Media- Make a radical change.
The first to reach has always been the one to enjoy the results, the best.
You’ll find out who are the unreached when I explain how to reach them. Follow me till the end.

🎈 Hashtags- following camel case or pascal case. A text reader can read #cowslaughter as cows laughter or cow slaughter. Write #CowsLaughter
🎈 Controlled use of emoji
🎈 Avoid use of text emoji 😉 🙂 😀 _/\_
🎈 Maintain Contrast in pictures
🎈 Always add Alt Text which helps in SEO as well.
🎈 Image Descriptions- You can describe the image without keywords better than with Alt Text.
🎈 Closed captions in videos

There are a million of creators like us writing the content just like us. Your post is 20% of the job.
Taking care of all the aforesaid makes a lasting impact on readers. It reaches the ordinary and extraordinary.
Its lot of work though. I have seen creators adopting this consciously.

Hope you enjoyed reading. See you in my next blog.


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